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Albaugh: Boeing will outsource less work on future aircraft projects

Boeing’s head of its commercial aircraft division, Jim Albaugh, said the company will outsource less work in future aircraft programs and that it would never again outsource the wings of an airplane as it did with the 787, according to the Seattle Times.

“We outsourced too much…. We didn’t consider the extent of the risk we’d take on by going outside,” Albaugh told the newspaper. “We will make sure the voice of the engineers is much more involved in the decision making as we go forward.”

To protect its exclusive technical skills and intellectual property, he said Boeing will “build the walls around those very high.”

He went on to list some things that Boeing should “never outsource,” including airplane flight controls, the wings and the composite fuselage.

Asked why Boeing is having the 787 wings made in Japan and parts of the composite fuselage in Italy, Albaugh said pointedly, “Well, we’ll build other airplanes.”

He also told the paper that Boeing’s first choice is to do work in the Puget Sound region, but only if the Machinists union moderates wage demands and avoids strikes.