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Phil Ruffin donates space to the Wichita State University crew team

WICHITA — The Wichita State University crew team has a new home, albeit a temporary one, thanks to Phil Ruffin.

Ruffin is letting the team use the building he owns in Delano that used to house Kansas Golf and Turf. The team doesn’t have to pay anything but the utilities.

"We were happy to do it for WSU," Ruffin says. "After all, I went there two years."

For the previous eight years, BG Products donated space for the team along the river at South Wichita Street.

Last summer's major hail storm damaged a BG maintenance building that now has to be demolished, and the company is moving maintenance to the building the crew team has been using.

"The good thing was BG was there when nobody else would stand up," says Galen Myers, BG chairman and CEO.

The team is still seeking a permanent home.