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Republican candidates for 4th District pledge limited government

A common theme is emerging at tonight’s debate among the Republican candidates for the 4th Congressional district: that the Obama administration has expanded government and weakened the country’s economy.

In two-minute introductions to the roughly 300 people gathered at Word of Life church, candidates Jim Anderson, Wink Hartman, Dick Kelsey, Mike Pompeo and Jean Schodorf spoke about their backgrounds and why they are running for office.

“Our government has fundamentally lost its way,” Pompeo said.

Kelsey said the government is going in the wrong direction.

Anderson referred to the Constitution and said nowhere in “that document does it say that our country has the right to seize our income, plunder our assets, run our businesses, dictate our morals. . . ”

Schodorf said she is running to help end the recession.

Hartman said he was concerned about a “significantly expanded government, weakened free enterprise system and Constitution.”

The first question at the debate centered on health care. Each candidate except Schodorf said they would work to repeal legislation for government-sponsored health care. Schodorf said she thinks a better solution than what is being proposed exists, but she said that many Americans are hurting financially and need health care. That drew some boos from the crowd.