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Revenue asks that people pay more to file income taxes on paper

TOPEKA – The state Department of Revenue is trying encourage people to file taxes electronically by charging fees when taxpayers use paper.

Under the request, you would pay $25 to file a paper income tax return and $5 for a paper sales or user tax return.

Want your return in the form of a paper check? That will be $10 extra with your income tax return.

Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon on Thursday told lawmakers the fees would help offset the costs of people manually processing paper returns.

The department is also reducing printing costs by not printing as many instruction tax booklets.

In prior years, the printed booklets of the instructions were available at Post Offices, libraries and other public areas. The department is also going to sell the tax forms to accountants.

The department is charging tax preparers $25 for the printed booklets, she said. So far the department has not heard any complaints, she said