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Key Construction lets Pat Ayars go

WICHITA — The last week has been a challenging one for Pat Ayars, to say the least.

Friday was his mother's funeral.

"And then I had a nice little surprise on Monday, and I'm now a free agent."

After years as the public face of Key Construction, Ayars lost his position as vice president.

You can tell by the shirt he's wearing.

"Everybody at Key wears white shirts . . . every day, all the time, and, baby, I got a blue one on today," Ayars says.

"There are some philosophical differences, let me say it that way," he says. "I shared some of my philosophies at Key pretty strongly over the last year . . . and I don't know if we connected. That's their choice. It's their firm."

No one at the firm returned calls for comment.

Ayars says he's now exploring other options.

"There's plenty of room in the world for all of us."