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Karl Peterjohn expresses concern about finding a home for work release

Sedgwick County commissioner Karl Peterjohn this morning expressed disappointment that city officials say the Rounds and Porter building is not for sale.

“Another door closed on us,” Peterjohn said.

Commissioner Tim Norton recently toured the building just west of City Hall, used to store evidence and property seized by police as well as discarded furniture, with Wichita City Council members Jim Skelton and Lavonta Williams.

Mayor Carl Brewer told The Eagle on Friday that the building is not for sale and not a suitable option for an expanded work release center.

The county is struggling to find a place to expand work release programs as it tries to avoid adding on to its jail. Commissioner Gwen Welshimer favors an industrial site at 1600 E. Murdock, but Williams already has expressed opposition to locating a work release center there.