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More snow than normal so far this winter for Wichita

Lost, perhaps, in the mind-numbing cold of the past few weeks has been the gradual accumulation of snowfall in and around Wichita.

While this winter has been noted primarily for the striking cold and dramatic wind chills that have fallen well below zero, Wichita has received enough snow to be above average to this point of the season.

Officially, Wichita has recorded 5 inches of snow since Dec. 1. That’s slightly above average for early January.

Remember: Wichita typically gets the majority of its winter snow in the first two months of the calendar year.

Granted, the city only averages a little more than 16 inches of snow in a given winter. Topeka, on the other hand, gets nearly 20 inches of snow a winter and Concordia nearly 22.

Then again, a couple of substantial snowfalls this winter haven’t missed Wichita by much. Otherwise, our discussion and description of the winter in Wichita would have a markedly different tone to it.