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Martin talks about today's 'sensitive times'

When Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin apologized to Chris Merriewether for making physical contact with him during a 74-68 loss at Missouri on Saturday, he said he understood that "times are real sensitive right now."

During his weekly Big 12 teleconference this morning, he was asked to elaborate on what he thought of those sensitive times.

"Sensitive times across the country," Martin said. "Not because a couple coaches have gotten in trouble. For whatever the perception is out there right now, it's just sensitive times. (It's) a different era that we live in now than we lived in 10 years or 20 years ago.

"There's a lot of phoniness. Everyone is a politician these days, where you're supposed to act a certain way in front of the public eye and be completely different than what reality is every day behind closed doors. That's what I meant by sensitive. It's a different era right now.

"With all that said what I did has no place in the game of basketball." (more…)