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Q&A with Steve Pivovar of the Omaha World-Herald

Steve Pivovar is the beat writer for Creighton basketball and a chat machine at He will be in town for Saturday afternoon’s game and home in time for a late dinner.

Q: Can the start of this season’s problems for Creighton be traced to the final minutes of the Michigan game?

A: The Michigan game is obviously one of the roots of the confidence problem that now inflict the Jays.  If they hang on to five-point lead in the final minutes and pull that one out, it probably gives them the confidence they lacked in several other late-game scenarios that they failed to maneuver as the season progressed.

Q: Kenny Lawson – what is the story with his progress this season?

A: Lawson had shown flashes of being a solid big man his first two seasons, and he’s built on those to become team’s most consistent player.   When he’s focused, he can be as good as any big man in the league.   He’s still prone to disappear for stretches in games but he’s making progress in that area, too.

Q: Has Josh Dotzler risen up the ranks of most under-appreciated Bluejay the past two months? Creighton seems to miss his steady play running the team.

A: Josh took a lot of unfair criticism his last two years, mostly because of his lack of offense.   But his ability to run the offense, to make plays on defense and just the toughness he brought to the team have become much more appreciated by the fans now that he’s gone.   His departure, along with no one stepping up to become the go-to guy Booker Woodfox was last season, are two big reasons why Jays are struggling.

Q: Will they build a new Zesto’s next to the new home of the College World Series, and how is that move from Rosenblatt received in Omaha? We still have a few living Shocker fans who remember what it’s like to go to the CWS.

A: As someone who has seen every Wichita State game at the CWS, I, too, remember when the Shockers were frequent visitors.   Chances are, no Zestos at the new place.   As far as the reaction to the move, still a lot of people around here – and nationally, too – don’t understand why it’s being made.   The new park is going to be really nice.   They have the steel work up and progress is being made.   It’s going to be different, though, and a lot of people don’t take kindly to change.   Here’s hoping the Shockers can make it back for Rosenblatt’s swan song.