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Nasty wind chills abound around Kansas

It’s a wicked winter wind that’s howling this morning. No matter where you may live in Kansas, wind chills are well below zero.

Here are some wind chill readings as of 8:53 a.m., provided by the National Weather Service:

Wichita: -13Russell: -19Salina: -18Great Bend: -15Concordia: -19Hays: -18Goodland: -23Topeka: -14Ottawa: -17Emporia: -17Dodge City: -17Kansas City, KS: -12

A reminder: these numbers are from the new wind chill index, which took effect in 2001. A “new” wind chill of -19 equates to a reading of -40 on the old index. A current -14 is the same as -31 on the old chart.