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Teeth may chatter, but Wichita records won't shatter

This wintry blast will go down as the coldest in Wichita in many years, but it isn’t likely to set any records.

The record low for January 7 in Wichita is -10, set in 1912. The record for January 8 is also -10, set in 1979.

“The record lows are pretty low,” said Andy Kleinsasser, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita.

The best chance to break the mark for record low in Wichita looks to come on January 9. That record low is -7, and current forecasts call for a low Saturday of -4.

“We have a shot,” Kleinsasser said.

Wichita may threaten the record for coolest high on January 8, but current forecasts call for Friday to miss the mark by a few degrees. The record is 6, set in 1937, and local forecasters are currently projecting a high of 9.

“The cool highs – we're going to be flirting with it,” Kleinsasser said. “It'll be close.”

Today’s record low maximum temperature is 8, set in 1976.

Chanute is almost certain to set a record for coolest high on Friday. That mark is currently 16, set in 1976. The forecast calls for a high of 7.

“That’ll be a slam dunk,” Kleinsasser said.

Central Kansas could see a number of temperature records fall, he said.

Just for the sake of comparison, the normal high for Wichita in early January is the upper 30s, with a low of about 20.