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Drake alum Bob Layton's team — along with his attire — takes a drubbing

WICHITA — Wichita State's 61-38 trouncing of Drake on Friday had to be painful for any Drake University alum, but perhaps particularly so for Wichita City Manager Bob Layton.

Layton took some ribbing for wearing a Drake sweatshirt to the WSU home game.

"I have gone all season without seeing Eric Sexton except for that game," Layton says of the WSU athletic director.

Sexton helpfully suggested where Layton might find some WSU gear.

"He told me where I could go look at them, yes."

Layton informed Sexton that he has a WSU sweatshirt that he really does wear.

And Layton wants Wichitans to know he is a loyal WSU fan.

"I talked to coach (Gregg) Marshall this summer, and I said I will be a loyal fan except for two games this season."

To those who tease or criticize him for sporting Drake's logo instead of WSU's, Layton says, "It's hard to give somebody grief whose team is suffering as bad as ours was."