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Bird (seed)-brained buck

Who'd have known? Certainly not me, that's for sure.

But it appears deer like munching bird seed as much as finches, sparrows and squirrels enjoy the same.

Well, at least one big Harvey County eight-pointer sure does.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I've been keeping a pile of assorted seeds near a pop-up blind on a friend's property.

I figured we could do a little birding while we wait for a deer to appear so Carolyn could start the process of converting it to venison.

Well, we were afield for last Friday's opening of the January season for shooting whitetail does. That afternoon we were enjoying watching a steady procession of cardinals, blue jays, Harris and fox sparrows and flickers.

Seriously, I'll be keeping birding stations near a lot of my deer hunting spots from now on. It's great entertainment.

So, on our seventh hunt we finally got a deer to appear on a trail about 50 yards away.

Had the studly eight-pointer stepped into view during the regular December firearms season when bucks are legal it'd have been in major trouble.

Since we're now doe-only all we could do was watch and wish.

But as if just seeing such a deer when Carolyn couldn't shoot it wasn't enough, it immediately turned from the trail and headed to where I'd piled sunflower seeds for the birds near the blind.

And there it spent several minutes, no more than 12 yards away, twisting its head this way and that to get to the seeds I'd poured under the thick and thorny branches of a wild rose.

Add another cool memory to the on-going, and going, and going, and going, and going, saga of the great adventure of trying to get Carolyn her first deer.