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Run, governor, run

Given how most politicians bend in the slightest breeze, Gov. Mark Parkinson deserves credit for his decisiveness about not running for his job in 2010. But he's "reaching the point — if he's not there already — when breaking his promise would be the noblest thing he could do," wrote Topeka Capital-Journal columnist Ric Anderson. That's because Kansans deserve a real gubernatorial campaign with real issues and debates, not simply a coronation for Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan. Without a real Democratic candidate such as Parkinson, Anderson wrote, "What we might see instead of meaty discussion are commercials of Brownback walking around in a wheatfield, shaking hands with farmers, parading down old-timey Main Streets with his smiling family and telling us how Kansas is one goshdarn great state" — nice TV, he concluded, "but not so great for democracy."