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House of Schwan turns 50 and celebrates with a new logo

WICHITA — For its 50th anniversary in 2010, House of Schwan is getting a new logo.

"We thought the timing was really appropriate to celebrate our 50th with a new, fresh look," says Pam Irish, special events director.

The new look makes a lot more sense for what the company is today, she says.

"Our current logo emphasizes the fact that we sell beer, and we're much more than that these days.”

When Barney Schwan started the company in 1960, he sold Budweiser, Michelob and Busch Bavarian.

Now, House of Schwan — led by Schwan's son, Barry — sells more than 600 varieties of beverages.

Irish says Anheuser-Busch products "certainly are our bread and butter and probably will be forever."

They still comprise 93 percent of House of Schwan's business.

But now, in addition to a variety of beer, the company sells juice, milk, tea, energy drinks and cocktail mixers.

The new logo, which Howerton and White designed, features a variety of differently shaped bottles.

The old logo featured one frosty beer mug.

"We've changed so much, obviously, in 50 years," Irish says. "We hope our new logo reflects that."