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Images from a year's worth of Kansas weather

As 2009 draws to a close, I thought I’d share some of the more compelling photos sent to me by readers and fans of the blog. They capture moments of mayhem or beauty and – taken as a whole – reflect the vast array of weather that visits Kansas each year. Enjoy.

These two photos are of tornadoes that touched down in Cowley County south of Wichita on March 23. They reflect how the same storm system can produce dramatically different tornadoes.

An early spring blizzard struck southern Kansas on the last weekend of March. This first shot was taken in Pratt, where a reported 30 inches of snow fell. That’s an all-time record for Kansas in a 24-hour period.

This next shot was taken in Mulvane, which experienced near-blizzard conditions for a while on that Saturday.

Wichita escaped the heaviest snow, instead getting a glazing of ice before a top layer of snow arrived.