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North Dakota State at Wichita State, Day After

The Shockers are clearly ready for bigger challenges after a 69-57 win on Monday. They played well for 10 minutes and solid for the next 10. The second half was forgettable for many reasons, all of which became insignificant quickly. The MVC schedule looms, and that’s all that matters now. The Shockers are off until Saturday, when they begin to think about Illinois State and the 18-game conference grind. WSU hasn’t been 1-0 in the Valley since 2005-06.Wichita State’s best one-loss starts to a season

16-1 in 1953-54 (finished 27-4, NIT)13-1 in 1982-83 (finished 25-3, no post-season because of probation)11-1 in 2009-10 and 2004-05 (finished 22-10, NIT)10-1 in 1957-58 (finished 14-12, no post-season)

WSU owns two streaks of 21 made free throws this season. The Shockers made eight straight Monday, after closing Saturday’s game with 13. Against TCU, the Shockers made 21 straight. Against Texas Southern, they made 16 in a row. WSU went 11 of 14 from the line against NDSU. Its season percentage is 77.3. WSU’s best is 74 percent for the 2003-04 season.

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