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Liberal's Sounds Unlimited opens in Wichita as Douglas Production Group

WICHITA — After working as a consultant for a year, Kirk Longhofer is now employed full time as general production manager for the new Douglas Production Group.

That's Liberal resident Doug Brewer's former Sounds Unlimited production company.

"We basically have just relocated his production business and given it a new name," Longhofer says.

The company does audio, video and lighting for everything from small events like conferences to larger ones like major concerts.

"Over the years he had begun doing quite a bit of production work in this part of the state," Longhofer says. "At some point it just kind of made sense to begin to shift it into Wichita."

For now, the business is in a warehouse on North Wichita near 9th and Waco. The space isn’t everything the company needs, but Longhofer says it was difficult to find even that.

"Every stinkin' warehouse space in the core area is full with either a paintless dent repair business from out of town or a roofer from out of town.”

He expects the company will need new, larger space in several months.

Does that mean the company is looking to expand?

"Well, of course," Longhofer says. "Is there anybody who's not?"