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So they said

"Did we send a 'thank you' to him?" — Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jay Emler (in photo), R-Lindsborg on the Powerball-winning Kansan who will be paying a $3.1 million tax bill

"There's not a budget in the world that can't be reduced more." — House Majority Leader Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, on the governor's call for no more education cuts

"Every day we pray to the snow gods that they will be kind to us." — Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller, on how budget cuts might affect the state's ability to clear winter roads

"I sound like Mr. Ban here." — Gov. Mark Parkinson, after telling a reporter he supports legislation to ban public smoking statewide and texting while driving

"In politics, a year is an eternity." — Kansas Democratic Party spokesman Tyler Longpine, on the party's failed efforts so far to find a competitive 2010 gubernatorial candidate