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Hey, students, pay attention: fastest growing/shrinking jobs in next decade

The fastest growing job category in US over next 10 years? Consulting in management, scientific and technical areas. It is expected to add nearly 1 million jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other fast growing categories:  doctor office workers, computer system designers, retail clerks, employment services, local government workers, home health workers,  elderly care workers,  nursing home workers, restaurant workers.

It’s mostly outsourced business services and health care, with retail and restaurant workers thrown in.

Now, check out the fastest shrinking jobs, in order: farmers and ranchers, down about 80,000 or 8 percent; followed by  sewing machine operators, order clerks, postal service sorters, file clerks, shipping clerks, telemarketers, office and administrative support work, first line supervisors in factories, hand packers in shipping.  And below that are typical production type jobs such as machinists, assemblers,  inspectors.

Is the Wichita economy closer to the fastest growing or the fastest disappearing?