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Dyne Quik to reopen in January

WICHITA — Diners are wondering, when will the Dyne Quik at 1202 N. Broadway reopen?

"It should be open by mid-January," says owner Efrain Torres. "Everything's ready. It's ready to go."

Dyne Quik is one of the city's few remaining Valentine restaurants — metal, mobile diners that Wichita's Valentine Manufacturing built between 1938 and 1971.

The last Dyne Quik owner closed in 2008. Efrain has been struggling to reopen it.

"I lost $200 already trying to open it without those rest rooms," Torres says of some handicap-accessible rest rooms he needed to install.

He says even though the restaurant could open now, he decided not to pay more money only to be licensed for the last part of this year.

"I said, nah, I'll just wait."

Torres has surgery scheduled for early January, but he wants to open anyway.

"I might have somebody else just go ahead and run it."