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Thanksgiving happier for Palin than Obama

What a difference a year has made for Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, mused New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin. Last November, Obama was fresh off his historic presidential election and Palin had been sent packing to Alaska. Now, his approval rating is below 50 percent and Palin is everywhere, including atop the best-seller lists. Goodwin wrote: "This flip-flop in fortunes stems from many factors, war and recession chief among them. Yet ultimately, Obama has mostly himself to blame. He's aligned himself with the left wing of his party instead of the ordinary Americans who identify with Palin. His Ivy League eloquence seems tired next to her wrong-side-of-the-tracks passion. That she could quit her job as governor and still rise from the dead is a testament to fury at Obama and his policies. She is probably not a viable 2012 candidate; then again, he's not looking so hot himself."