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Where to leave leaves...

What to do with all those fallen leaves?

There are several answers, according to Joe Pajor, assistant director of public works with the city, and Roger Lyon, director of not-for-profit PRoKansas Recycling Center.

You can leave them where they are. They’ll decompose and fertilize your lawn. If that doesn’t work for your aesthetics or you fear it will kill the grass, you can mulch mow them into little bits and speed up the decomposing process.

If you decide to rake them up and bag them, you can bring them to Brooks C&D Landfill where you’ll have to pay a minimum $15 for up to 1,200 pounds of waste. The landfill has an area to dump organic waste for composting — then just reuse your plastic bags or toss them in a different part of the landfill.

Last option is to put them at the curb with your other trash — a common practice from what I’ve observed. Since there are many companies, you’ll have to ask whether your trash service accepts leaves and where they go.

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