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It's the stupidity about the economy

It's not "the economy, stupid," that is souring voters, as former President Clinton's campaign staff used to say. "It's the stupidity about the economy in Washington and on Wall Street that's driving most voters berserk," wrote Forbes columnist Dan Gerstein. He contended that rather than focusing on fixing the financial system and getting Americans back to work, Democrats are fixated on making history with the health care bill while Republicans "seem equally obsessed with making health care a political albatross for the Democrats." Gerstein noted how the big debate recently was whether abortion coverage would be banned in the health care bill. "I don't mean to belittle the seriousness of the issue," he wrote, "but is abortion coverage really a pressing priority when unemployment is at its highest rate in 25 years and many experts are warning that another crippling financial collapse is in the offing?"