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Independence C.C. football coach Lamar James dies at 31

Just got into the office and found this press release in my email — Independence C.C. head football coach Lamar James died this weekend visiting family in Mound Bayou, Miss. James was 31. I’ve included the release, below, and James’ bio below that. Here’s an old link to his biography from his playing days at the University of Wyoming, where he was an all-Mountain West safety.

I just got off the phone with ICC athletic director Tammie Geldenhuys, who told me there’s going to be a funeral on Saturday in Mound Bayou and the school is going to have a “Celebration of Life” for Lamar on Dec. 1 after all the students get back from Thanksgiving break.

“Our biggest concerns are for his family right now,” Geldenhuys said. “And also for our ICC students and athletes. Lamar made an impact in the lives of a lot of people, and not just the players he coached.”

James is survived by his wife, Cindy, and two small children.