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Gale Cowan is surprised — and relieved

WICHITA — So now that the surprise is out, we thought we’d check in with Old Mill Tasty Shop waitress Gale Cowan to see how her 25th anniversary celebration went today.

When she saw the window display at the downtown restaurant and the fuss over her inside, Cowan says, “I thought, am I going to die, and nobody told me about it?”

She wasn’t expecting a celebration because her actual 25th anniversary of working there came in August, but neither Cowan nor owner Mary Wright thought about it then.

In all her years there, Cowan says she never thought about working somewhere else.

“Not for a second,” she says. “It’s just fun here.”

Nor did she think about opening her own place.

“No, because when I walk out the door, I don’t have anything to think about.”

The secret to enjoying herself, Cowan says, is positive thinking.

If someone at the restaurant asks her to sweep the floor, her thought is, “I’m glad they didn’t ask me to mop it.”