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So they said

"What we do as Kansans when we struggle is that we pull together and we work through our challenges. We don't typically sue each other." — Gov. Mark Parkinson, to KSN, Channel 3, calling a possible schools lawsuit unproductive

"When you're half the budget and the budget goes to hell, you'll get your share." — Sen. Pete Brungardt, R-Salina, on the necessity of K-12 cuts

"What happened to the money and where did it go? We've given it away. That's the short answer." — Revenue Secretary Joan Wagnon, partly blaming tax breaks and incentives for the state's fiscal problems

"Good luck to the Jayhawks. I say that having gone to the Duke Law School. Please don't boo too loudly, because it will be misinterpreted." — Former Clinton independent counsel Ken Starr, speaking at KU