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Should speeders pay more on the Kansas Turnpike?

State Sen. David Haley thinks so.

The Kansas City, Kan. Democrat said today he’ll keep pushing his idea to charge tolls based on the speed at which drivers fly down the Kansas Turnpike.

If you drive the speed limit, you’d pay the standard fare. If you speed, you’d pay more.

He says this “conduct-based” toll system would encourage drivers to slow down, which would increase fuel efficiency and reduce accidents.

Haley noted that the state increased its tolls as of Oct. 1 for every driver except those using a K-TAG (the little automated toll device). So the state is already saying that some people should pay different tolls, he said. Haley argues the state should extend that philosophy to speeders.

“This new toll system would promote fuel economy, reduce vehicle emissions and save lives by diminishing accident risk,” he said.

Haley’s idea was ignored by other lawmakers in 2007 and again last year. But he’s a determined guy: he worked eight years on an animal-cruelty bill before it passed.