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Witnessing a classic

James Bain, assistant general manager and Wichita's premier Vikings fan, was in the house for Brett Favre's miracle completion that beat the Niners a couple weekends ago. His account follows:

"It was pretty incredible.  What a throw and an amazing catch.  Felt like forever waiting for the official to put his hands in the air signaling touchdown. I am a big Vikings fan.  Actually the last game I saw in Minneapolis was the Adrian Peterson rushing record game.  Lots of man-on-man hugs that day, too.  Also in that game was the 109 yard missed field goal return by Antonio Cromartie of the Chargers.

I was sitting in the upper deck at about the 20 of the opposite side as the final TD was scored.  It was my first time sitting in the upper deck for a Vikings game.  Really great seats.  Almost better than lower deck.

After the Vikings gave up the ball with under 2 minutes left everyone was resigned to the fact that there was no way we would win.  Everyone was shocked that the 49ers were so good on defense.  Lots of people left the building.  The Vikings dominated the game and we were all talking about the blocked field goal and how that changed the game.  The Vikings started calling timeouts and we had to sweat through a 3rd down play from the 49ers.  If they would have gotten the first down, the game would have been over.

San Fran punted into the end zone to give the Vikings the ball at the 20 with no timeouts.  Just a perfect drive engineered by Favre.  Of course when the officials hands went in the air it was just crazy.  Cheering, high fives, and of course hugs.  We knew the play would be reviewed so we settled down and just waited.  They showed the replay in the dome, clearly showing a legal catch, but you never know what officials are going to do.  The place went nuts again after the ruling on the field was confirmed.

After the game we just could not believe what happened.  An instant classic. Such an unbelievable finish to go 3-0 and we have the hated packers next Monday night.  This win could carry us a long way."