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Camp, Day 3

Not much news after three days of camp. Here’s all I can offer:

Chris Tarkir continues to look good in camp. I asked coach Brent Bilodeau after Wednesday's practice who has impressed him, and he again mentioned Tarkir. "He skates hard, does all the little things," Bilodeau said. Tarkir had 21 points in 62 games last year. Bilodeau also said that Marc Belanger is having a "great camp."

More general thoughts from Bilodeau: "I think usually in camp there are disappointments and some pleasant surprises, and there have been pleasant surprises. Usually, you get a guy or two who you thought was better but he really isn't, but that hasn't happened this year. I like all the guys who are here."

Goalie Tim Boron didn't practice Wednesday due to illness.

Bilodeau wasn't sure if he would make any cuts before the team's exhibition games on Friday and Saturday. All the players who remain will play in at least one of the games, Bilodeau said.