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Once a Shocker...

This blog item comes courtesy of former Eagle reporter Jeffrey Martin, now with the Houston Chronicle. Former WSU coach Mark Turgeon recently spoke at a Texas A&M gathering in Houston. Here’s the highlight:

"Since I've been at Wi...," Turgeon began, before blurting out, "Texas A&M."

Turgeon admitted his mistake afterwards.

"I stopped myself," he said, laughing. "I've been traveling so much."

It seems he still has Wichita on his mind – Turgeon said he was attractive to A&M because of how well he recruited Houston as the Shockers coach – but he doesn't sound too keen on meeting his former team.

"No, no, I don't want to play WSU," he said. "It'd be too hard to do something like that. No, we haven't talked about that. Hopefully we'll meet in the NCAA Tournament some day. That means we're having success and they're having success."