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Home again, Home again

We left far eastern Maine at 6:30 yesterday morning and I rolled into Newton about an hour ago. Yes, Chris Tymeson and I drove straight-through. It’s about 32 hours as is. We made enough detours and stops at places like Cabelas, a Topeka meat processor and others to stretch it to 36 hours. Luckily I’m a pro at being able to catch a lot of rest in two hour naps.

The highlight of the drive, besides getting home, had to be western Massachusetts. Seriously, the foliage and scenery were stunning. Hard to believe we were into nearly non-stop “wow, look at that,” views only a few hours from the traffic hells of New York and Boston.

As well as giving me a chance to follow along on an outstanding hunt the trip gave me a chance to really experience some of the wild places of America’s eastern states.  I still detest the way vehicles speed up considerably in the bumper-to-bumper conditions in and around the big cities but I’d love to have a week or so to just cruise back roads in places like western Mass, Pennsylvania and, of course, Maine.

Save for a few rude drivers I was also impressed with the friendliness of the people we encountered. Every question we asked was answered with a smile. We didn’t draw a derogatory remark about the moose antlers sticking up over the back of Chris’ truck. But we got a lot of thumbs-ups from passing drivers, honked horns and words of congratulations.

Oh, speaking of the outcome of the moose hunt – I’ll have more on that tomorrow. Right now I have a date with a very hot shower.Twelve hours of seeing brilliant fall foliage took a little sting off the 36 hour straight-through drive from eastern Maine to the Wichita area.