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Real refs mean real basketball

Wichita State scrimmaged on Friday afternoon, playing four periods of officiated basketball. Predictably, coach Gregg Marshall saw a little of everything. Graham Hatch and Clevin Hannah played very well. The freshmen made freshmen mistakes. Marshall preferred a little more defense from almost everybody.“We had some guys that didn’t play particularly well, and we have some guys who have no clue what we’re doing,” Marshall said. “But that’s why you do it.”Hatch made shots, rebounded and hustled.He was the player who stood out, both for his effort and effectiveness.  Hannah, Marshall pointed out, enjoys playing against rookie guards. He makes it difficult on Kenny Manigault and Demetric Williams. They sometimes struggled to bring the ball up court. Hannah seemed to get a shot – from deep or in the lane – whenever he wanted. Walk-on Derek Brown contributed a lot for a guy who joined the team two weeks ago. He is a good shooter and looked like he picked up the system quickly.“I thought Graham Hatch was tremendous, Marshall said. “I thought Clevin Hannah was very good. I thought J.T. Durley was very good offensively. But he would have never scored like he did throughout the course of the scrimmage in a real game because he would have been on the bench with three fouls because of his defense. We’ve got a number of guys like right now. (Toure) Murry is a little like that. Murry’s more worried about the offensive end than he is the defensive end.”

My choices for starting lineup if the season started today: Hatch, Hannah, Murry, Durley and Aaron Ellis. Ellis is playing well. Marshall called him WSU’s best screener and post defender. Gabe Blair, who will push Ellis for playing time, is still learning the system and he’s a little banged up. He’s not quite as bouncy as he was last season.David Kyles didn’t practice due to a sprained left ankle. Marshall isn’t sure if he will play in Sunday’s scrimmage against Kansas State.A few highlights: Garrett Stutz took a pass at the free-throw line and looked defended for an instant. Then he turned into the lane, dribbled and swished a pretty running shot. Manigault hit one of the big men (can’t remember who) with a precise no-look pass for a layup. Manigault was bottled up on offense most of the scrimmage, until he used his speed to get into the lane for a layup. Hatch made several threes. Durley scored against Stutz with that up-and-under move he uses so well.