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Is the Barrier's liquidation sale legal?

WICHITA — A couple of readers had a question after seeing this week's item about Barrier's liquidation sale, which starts Monday.

Barrier's filed bankruptcy Oct. 23, and a judge this week approved the liquidation sale.

Marsden Brothers Promotions of Idaho is conducting the sale and plans to bring in new merchandise to sell as Barrier's stock is depleted.

The readers wondered if this is against the law.

According to Wichita code section 3.32.070, during such a sale it's unlawful to sell merchandise that's not regular stock at the store or to replenish or add items during the sale.

However, according to the city attorney's office, in this case the bankruptcy court's order would prevail.

If anyone wanted to challenge that ruling, a complaint would have to go through the bankruptcy court because it has jurisdiction.