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Media day around the Valley

Bradley likes being picked sixth because of past history.Losing the women’s Player of the Year hasn’t diminished expectations at Illinois State.Did they make the block/charge call under the rim harder or easier to make?Voters (coaches, media, sports information) put SIU’s Tony Freeman on the preseason all-conference team before he played an MVC game.Evansville players deal with a last-place prediction. Guess what? They will use it as motivation.Northern Iowa didn’t like getting pushed around by Purdue in last season’s NCAA Tournament.Valley schools know wins will solve many of their problems.The Sycamore men, similar to Wichita State, believe they revealed their potential during the final month of last season.Illinois State’s Osiris Eldridge has this preseason poll thing figured out.The MVC counts on experience to make money. Would you want your team to play at 2 p.m., on a Tuesday?