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North American Management-Kansas makes its Coliseum pitch

North American Management-Kansas has made its pitch to redevelop the Kansas Coliseum complex, assuring Sedgwick County commissioners it would minimize the county’s financial risk.

North American has proposed a mix of entertainment and retail at the site.

Doug Spangler of North American said it would rectify long-standing Americans with Disabilities Act problems at Britt Brown Arena and add hotels and retail development to make the most of the aging complex site off of I-135 near 85th Street North.

“Our proposal stands alone on its own,” Spangler said, adding that North American’s proposal wouldn’t compete with Intrust Bank Arena, a requirement by the county.

“Our team is ready to prove today and over the next few months. . . to be the partner that maintains a zero risk for the county. We will get there if we are selected,” Spangler said.

North American says any money from retail leases would go directly toward paying back any debt to redevelop the Coliseum.

Commissioner Karl Peterjohn has expressed concern about private-public partnerships and the use of funding such as STAR — sales tax revenue — bonds.

Spangler said North American has the capacity to pay for the entire development, which it has estimated at $25 million, if necessary. “We will commit the cash necessary to complete the plan,” Spangler told Peterjohn.

North American is the first group to present today to commissioners. Heritage Development Group will make its presentation to commissioners at 2:30 p.m.

Hartman Arena announced Monday it had withdrawn its plan for the Coliseum.