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Office Depot wants to sublease its downtown land

WICHITA — It was this time last year that developers Tom and Mike Boyd started doing dirt work to prepare the former Carleton Elementary School site on Broadway near Lewis for Office Depot.

A year before that, the national retailer had announced plans to bring a 20,000-square-foot store there but continually put them on hold.

Now, Classic Real Estate is marketing the property for a possible new occupant.

"They are trying to market it for sublease," Tom Boyd says of Office Depot.

"They've decided to wait on construction," he says, ". . . because of the general retailing woes out there."

If no one is interested in the property, Office Depot could still build on the site one day.

But Tom Boyd says if someone else is interested in locating there and doesn't want to sublease from Office Depot, "Then we'll let them off the hook."

He says, "More than likely, we would make a deal with Depot and release their lease rights and make a deal with the new party."