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Diaper disappears in Olbermann/Lawrence-Dumont parking lot tea party put-down

Friday: Watch your stepToday: Dressed up for a tea partyIt appears Wichita won’t have to change its slogan “Downtown is everyone’s neighborhood” to “Downtown is everyone’s diaper pail.”

And the community’s “tea party” protest enthusiasts won’t have to worry about literally stepping in it when they gather at the Lawrence-Dumont Stadium parking lot Nov. 4.

A used diaper anonymously dumped in the parking lot has been removed and the stadium lot was swept clean Friday night by a city vacuum truck.

Photos of the dumped diaper were featured prominently in this blog’s coverage of a disparaging comment about the Lawrence-Dumont parking lot made last week by MSNBC “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann cited the L-D lot as one of several examples of lame venues for tour stops for the “Tea Party Express” bus.

Since some readers have accused Wichitopekington of “quote mining” the Wichita reference and missing the point of Olbermann’s overall comment, here it is in its entirety:

“Tea Party Express II launches this weekend, coming to 38 cities according to its press release; 37 on their Web site — Oh well. Previous tea parties so successful they now have to hold them in such venues as Wichita's Lawrence-Dumont Stadium (pause) parking lot; Fallon, Nev.’s old Wal-Mart (pause) parking lot; a high school auditorium in Tri-Cities in Wash., Bozeman, Mont.’s Heritage Christian School (pause) gymnasium; and, in Amarillo, Texas, John Stiff Memorial Park, (pause) picnic area No. 4; seriously, picnic area No. 4. Don’t interrupt the outing in area No. 3, please."

We’ve e-mailed the show’s producers to ask for a clarification on what exactly makes the L-D stadium parking lot an unlikely location for such an event; we’ll pass along any response we receive.

Editing note: Eagle Sports Editor Kirk Seminoff points out that Lawrence-Dumont Stadium should be hyphenated — despite the lack of hyphens in the stadium’s own signage — because it’s named after two people, city pioneer R.E. Lawrence and local baseball pioneer Hap Dumont.

Wichitopekington also found historical precedent — from the left side of the spectrum — for holding bus-related political protest activity in local parking lots.

When the “Bush Legacy Bus” — dedicated to mistakes and failures of the Bush Administration — came to Wichita in October 2008, it staged out of two parking lots, at the Plumbers and Pipefitters union office downtown and at the Machinists union office in South Wichita.