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Cessna Aircraft and City of Greensburg to work together on environmental issues

Cessna Aircraft plans to help the City of Greensburg with environmental issues as the city works to rebuild itself as one of the first “green” cities.

Greensburg Mayor Bob Dixson and Cessna chairman and CEO Jack Pelton are signing a memo of understanding this afternoon, the company said. Cessna and the city will work together on developing and starting energy management programs, adopting clean and efficient sustainable resources and reducing the overall environmental impact.

The two will create a list of areas to explore and will then mobilize employees to provide expertise for a variety of projects, including green airport development and coordination of aviation activities in the Greensburg community with general aviation industry associations, the company said.

Greensburg was decimated by a deadly tornado on May 4, 2007.

Greensburg has become a living laboratory for research on sustainable design and community development, Dixson said in a statement. Teaming with Cessna shows the commitment Kansas people and businesses have to work together to better the environment.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will participate in certain aspects of the effort that pertain to general aviation.