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Movies come to The Weather Channel

For the first time in its history, The Weather Channel is going to be showing movies.

Films about weather or with weather as a major component in the plot line will be shown on the next four Friday nights.

First up? “The Perfect Storm.”

Seems appropriate, doesn’t it? Other offerings will include the documentary “March of the Penguins,” the thriller “Deep Blue Sea” and “Misery,” for which Kathy Bates won an Academy Award.

While the movies are being shown, forecasts will continue to be offered via a crawl line at the bottom of the screen.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Weather Channel showing flicks – on Friday or any other day of the week. What happens if there’s a major early winter storm marching through the Great Plains or hammering the Northeast on a Friday night? Do they break away from the movie for extended periods, much like local stations do during severe weather? Will folks in Florida be pleased to have their movie disrupted by reports of a blizzard in the Dakotas?

What do you think about this move? And what films would you choose if you were the programming director?