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XC: Regional Previews (Updated)

By Taylor Eldridge

The time has finally come. The air is becoming chilly. Leaves are falling. And sickness is going around like no other. Yes cross country fans, it’s time for Regionals.

To help you all prepare for The Only Meet That Matters (To This Point) on Saturday, I have compiled the times to the best of my knowledge, put it all in my spreadsheet, looked at them, got confused by them, was frustrated in not finding some and finally put together a big list.

[UPDATED] After talking with a lot of coaches, I did some final changing to my Class 6A and 5A predictions. Nothing too major, but some minor changes. I hope to get both Class 4A and the Class 3A finalized before start times tomorrow. Keep checking back for more coverage tomorrow. Have questions or results or story ideas, anything, shoot me an e-mail at Thanks!