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The Keith Olbermann/Lawrence Dumont parking lot controversy: Day 2

ThursdayTodayUPDATE: More than 36 hours have passed since MSNBC “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann besmirched the parking lot at Lawrence Dumont Stadium in a swipe at organizers of “tea party” protests.

The “Tea Party Express” bus is scheduled to make a stop in the parking lot Nov. 4.

In his Wednesday broadcast, Olbermann scoffed at the bus tour’s planned destinations, including this:

"Previous tea parties so successful they now have to hold them in such venues as Wichita's Lawrence Dumont Stadium (pause) parking lot."

Olbermann’s remark touched off a broad and heated debate here at Wichitopekington over the tea party movement and the role of cable news in American politics. Some excerpts:

– Are they really stopping in the parking lot? Ha, I thought that at least in a conservative place like Wichita they could do a little better... like a mall or something.

– This is just one more "grasping at straws" in desperation by the left who is scared to death that the tea party movement is 1)speaking the truth and exposing the lies and abuses of the left and 2) is growing in popularity.

– Does anyone else see the irony of having a (tea party) gathering in the parking lot of the WING NUTS?! Home field advantage?

– Olbermann is a hack. He couldn't cut it on ESPN, he had to join one of the junior networks to get a job.

– Will (Fox News commentator Glenn) Beck show up as host with his bottle of Vicks VapoRub that he uses for his cry baby segments? Always good for a laugh or two.

– Olbe-dude needs to lower the dose they've got him on. He keeps missing the finer details, like what about the Obama voter who left that dirty diaper on the asphalt? Guess that’s what they meant by "change."

Meanwhile, the discarded diaper discovered in the Lawrence Dumont Stadium parking lot Thursday remained there this morning despite the presence of a large municipal work crew cutting grass and trimming trees nearby.

It also weathered overnight storms, although being rained on did not appear to improve it any.

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