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Kansas to see 'epic' primary

Kansas came in at eighth place on Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza's "top 10 list of best intraparty battles" in 2010. He wrote: "In small states where statewide openings come along once in a blue moon, the battle for the nominations are often epic. The primary between Reps. Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt is no exception. Both men have spent more than a decade serving in Congress and know each other’s voting records up and down. And the arrows are already being shot; to hear their detractors tell it, Moran is an indecisive Hamlet while Tiahrt is way out of depth in a statewide race. Both men have a legitimate path to the nomination and whoever wins the primary almost certainly will be the state's next senator, given the atrocious record of Democrats winning statewide federal races in Kansas and the desultory Democratic field."