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So they said

"It looks like some kind of pregnancy for south Wichita, I'm telling you." — Vice Mayor Jim Skelton (in photo), arguing that the state should not allow the Cornejo & Sons construction and demolition landfill to grow

"What we don't need to happen in Kansas is for an extremist brand of the out-of-touch politics of the Bush years moving into the governor's office." — Lt. Gov. Troy Findley, surprising people at the recent Demofest in Wichita with an obvious jab at Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan.

"We'll have good candidates. There's plenty of time." — State Treasurer Dennis McKinney, on Kansas Democrats' prospects for 2010

"If you're running for Congress or statewide office, you needed to start working last January." — Rep. Scott Schwab, R-Olathe, questioning how Democrats can be competitive

"Thank goodness my GOP doesn't look like old white guys who stand for bailouts, the French tanker and amnesty-McLame indeed!" — Vicki Tiahrt, wife of Rep. Todd Tiahrt, in a Twitter comment critical of Sen. John McCain and other endorsers of Rep. Jerry Moran for U.S. Senate