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Put votes where mouths are on wind

There is much to be wary of in the energy bill that passed the House, but its national renewable energy standard, or RES, deserves the support of Kansas' congressional delegation. That point got some welcome emphasis last week at the Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy Conference in Topeka, where Gov. Mark Parkinson encouraged attendees to lobby lawmakers accordingly. "Please do not assume that because your congressperson or senator comes before your group or your community and says they support wind power, that that means anything. If they're not voting for an RES, they're not supporting wind power. That's the bottom line," said Parkinson. Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., supported an RES in a committee earlier this year, but a full Senate vote is pending. Kansas Republican Reps. Todd Tiahrt, Jerry Moran and Lynn Jenkins voted against the energy bill in June, and have expressed concerns about higher energy costs.