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KCAC Media Day

Here’s why the KCAC Media Day is unique — the setup. It’s held at the gothic-looking Salina Country Club, which if you haven’t seen it … is really a sight to behold. So you’re in this banquet room overlooking their golf course (which is just calling screaming your name) and eating the tortilla soup and then BOOM you’re in KCAC football overdrive with all the head coaches breaking down their teams. My only wish? That the coaches would bring a player or two with them. Thing I didn’t expect? Jason Dannelly and the College Fanz Network team live streaming the whole shebang after driving in from Nebraska. Dude’s got a full crew. And he let me bother him with a few KCAC questions and commiserated about the downfall of my alma mater’s football program afterwards. Great guy.

And oh yeah, Friends is still the team to beat. But it’s not a no-brainer anymore.

Here’s how it went down Friday, in order of how they’re picked in the coaches’ poll: