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Saturday's NBC Tournament


2:13 P.M. — Next game is Hays Larks vs. San Diego Waves. About ready to start.

1:38 P.M. — Rojas connects on a fastball, but produces a weak ground ball to the shorstop who easily made the put out at second base. A’s hold on to 9-8. Doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

1:35 P.M. — The umpire calls a balk on the reliever. Balks in a run. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Longmore just walked. Bases loaded. Now Willy Rojas up. He can save himself from the two errors last inning with a game-winning hit now!

1:33 P.M. — Clarinda brings in a left-handed reliever to face the pinch hitter Longmore, who so happens to bat left-handed. You could cut the tension with a knife right now in the L-D.

1:31 P.M. — Bonebrake walks. Bases loaded. David Longmore up to the plate with two outs and score still 9-7.

1:22 P.M. — Just getting settled in here today for my third and final day of the National Baseball Congress tournament. And what a sight that is unfolding right now.

The Wichita Sluggers were leading 7-6 entering the ninth inning, but then out of nowhere suffered an implosion. A single into left field turned into a disaster when left fielder Willy Rojas threw past his cut-off man and third baseman Jason Wysong couldn’t coral it. That scored the tying run and then put the go-ahead run on third base. With one out.

A sharp grounder to the right of Wysong plated another run. Then the next hitter lined a shot to left field to Rojas again and this time the ball slipped in between his legs and went to the fence. Runner on second. The Sluggers appeared to end the damage with a high pop fly to Wysong in the infield, but he *lost it in the sun* and it dropped and with the runner on the go from the bat he scored too.

Three A’s runs, all three unearned. Sluggers down to their last out of the game now. Runners on first and second with John Bonebrake up.