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Debi's Kitchen2Table to sell small wares to restaurants and the public

WICHITA — Debi Pugh has been in the restaurant supply business for years, but always as an employee.

Now, she's going to own her own company.

Today, Pugh purchased the small wares division — which includes things like table ware, flatware and glasses — of Discount Restaurant Equipment.

"I just handed him the check at lunch," Pugh says.

Discount Restaurant Equipment had a showroom that closed this summer, but Pugh felt it was necessary to keep one.

Her Debi's Kitchen2Table will be at 6108 W. Central between I-235 and the Big Ditch.

Pugh says her biggest customer is Spangles, and she plans to continue to build relationships with commercial customers around the state.

"I think western Kansas is underserved," she says.

But she also wants to attract nonrestaurant customers.

"Restaurant supply stores are always open to the public, but nobody really knows that," Pugh says.

She wants to sell to "the weekend chef, the barbecue guy, the man who makes the chili," in between selling to restaurants.

"I can't do one without the other."