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Sunrise on the river

Admittedly, I’m a nervous, nay-saying photographer when it comes to envisioning potential problems, and my assignment to shoot stills & video of the WSU crew on the Little Arkansas river had the potential for disaster written all over it.

First off, there’s not a while lot of light at 7:00 AM, and they pack up and head to classes by 7:45. If I wanted to shoot them from a bridge or the river bank I needed to be in position as they approached because those skinny little boats scoot along at about 30 miles an hour, or so it seems, then they’re gone.

But crew coach Calvin Cupp offered me the front seat of his motor boat so I scampered down the bank and wobbled precariously into position on the bow. It was perfect

Because I live in the ‘hood I have photographed the crew teams over the years during their morning practices while I drive to work along the Little Ark river. It always struck me as a graceful sport, and seemed even more so watching them at water level, perfectly synchronized.