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Chef H to cater to a business clientele

WICHITA — Harry Pape spent his entire career in executive management, and now he's going to relax by catering to other executives.

Pape recently retired from Midwest Single Source (and was vice president of Newman University operations before that).

He's now turning his love of cooking, which he's been doing for fund-raising events for years, into a business called Chef H.

Pape says he'll offer more than traditional catering. He plans to have what he calls in-home "dining events" for a business clientele.

"Because I've been in the business world, I understand the needs of the business people," he says.

Pape says he understands things like the need for privacy, such as when a company is recruiting someone.

Pape will bring dishes and glasses, create the food and pair wines to go with it.

"I really take all the guess work out," he says.